Land Rover | Range Rover | Supercharged | 2006 | 103.000KM

Land Rover - Range Rover Vogue SC 390PKGERESERVEERD

Land Rover | Range Rover | Supercharged | 2006 | 103.000KM


Java Black, 103.000 KM and 4,2 litre V8 Supercharged. Do we need to say more? 

This 2006 Land Rover - Range  Rover is very well equipped with goodies like a rear view camera, sunroof, memory seats and air suspension. The ultimate combination between comfort and performance in this iconic SUV. 


Java Black, 103.000 km en een 4,2 liter V8 Supercharged. Wat moeten we nog meer zeggen? 

Deze Land Rover - Range Rover uit 2006 is super goed uitgerust met leuke opties als een achteruitrijcamera, panoramisch dak, zetels met memory functie en luchtvering. De ultieme combinatie tussen comfort en prestaties in deze iconische SUV. 



Land Rover


Range Rover Vogue SC 390PK
Jet/Ivory Ox
Java Black
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Interior Trim Combinations - Ivory Ox Lthr Sts Jet/Ivory Int [TDC]
 Navigation Systems - Colour Nav. System [025EM]
 Voice Input Language - French Language [155AC]
 Market Constraint - Order Restriction FRA [201AC]
 Portable Camera - Venture CAM [086GA]
 DVD System - DVD Screen [129AD]
 Ski Bag Provision - Ski Bag Provision [033DF]
 Roof Finishers - Body Coloured Roof Finishers [080AZ]
 VIN format type - VIN format - EEC [147AA]
 Paint Colours - Java Black [697]
 Rain Sensor - Front Rain Sensor - Windscreen Mounted [030CQ]
 Interior Mirrors - Automatic Dimming Rear View Mirror [031CO]
 Fuse Labels - Fuse Label [156AA]
 VIN prefix position 8 - VIN prefix position 8 - 3 [143AX]
 VIN prefix position 11 - VIN prefix position 11 - A [146AA]
 Exterior Side Finishers - Body coloured Exterior Side Finishers [080AX]
 ID Plates - ID Plate French [096AY]
 Number Plate Plinth - Front Number Plate Plinth Base [056AU]
 Fixed Rear Camera - Rear View Camera [086FA]
 Steering Column - Pwr Adj Stg Clmn w. memory [049AE]
 Battery Isolation Switch - battery isolation switch [021AN]
 Derivative Badges - Supercharged [057CT]
 VIN prefix positions 1-3 - VIN prefix positions 1-3 - SAL [138AA]
 VIN prefix position 4 - VIN prefix position 4 - L [139AD]
 Glass - Green tinted glass all round [047AE]
 Headlamp Illumination - RH dip headlamps [064BY]
 Bumper Inserts - Body Coloured Bumper Inserts [080AY]
 Trim Rear - Trim Rear - High Line [154AB]
 Body Types - 4 Door Estate [099AB]
 Tyre Labels/Instructions - Tyre Labels-Pressure [057BG]
 Fuel Type/Rating - Lead free petrol [103AH]
 Power Unit Series - 4.2 V8 AJ Petrol [200AE]
 Park Distance Control - Park Distance Control [086AE]
 Front Seat Adjustment - Electric front seat adj. with Drv memory [033CT]
 Sunroof - Sunroof-Glass Tilt and Slide - Electric [019AT]
 VIN prefix position 9 - VIN prefix position 9 - 4 [144AX]
 Centre Hi Mounted Stop Lamp - Centre High Mounted Stop Lamp [064AF]
 Armrest (Front Seat) - Front Armrests [033EW]
 Tyre Grades - All Terrain Tyres [029FM]
 Seat Belt Labels - Seat Belt Labelling - ROW [026EO]
 Air Suspension - Air Suspension [027AG]
 Door Locking Mode - Remote central locking [076DI]
 Driver's Sunvisor - Sunvisor Foldable Illuminated Driver [115AK]
 Alarm Sounders - Alarm Sounder Unit - ROW [076DU]
 Literature Packs - French European Lit Pack [002AK]
 Interior Light Package - Interior Light Package [064CC]
 Headlamps - Adaptive Headlights BiXenon [064DI]
 In Car Entertainment / Speakers - Premium ICE Branded [025GQ]
 Headlamp Cleaners - Headlamp power wash [064BV]
 Light Sensing Headlights - Automatic Low Light Sensing Headlights [064CY]
 Air Bag Badge for 'A' Post - ROW 'A' Post A/Bag Badge [096AV]
 Windscreen Glass - Standard Windscreen [047AO]
 Perimetric Protection - Perimetric Protection [076DA]
 Fuel Diagnostics - On Board Fuel Diagnostics-R.O.W. [125AC]
 Locking Radio Frequency - 433.92 MHZ frequency (normal) [076DF]
 Instrument Packs - KPH only Instrument Pack [038AP]
 Air Bag Labels - UK/Euro/ROW Air Bag Labels [096AL]
 Door Handles - Exterior - Body coloured Door Handles [080AW]
 Interior Lamps - Interior Courtesy Light [064CT]
 Air Temperature Gauge - Degrees - Centigrade [038BG]
 Air Conditioning - Front Comfort Air Con (IHKA5) [022AY]
 Seat Heating - Heated Seats - Front and Rear [033EQ]
 Provision for Visible VIN - Provision For Visible Vin On W/Screen [047AJ]
 Side & Head Air Bag - Fr Side & Hd A/Bag Rear Hd A/Bag [026QT]
 Television - On Board Television- Front [129AA]
 Battery - 110/850 Ah Battery [021AT]
 Towing Equipment - Towing Prep ROW [028BR]
 Equipment Stowage - Standard Tools [056AX]
 Seat Trim - Oxford Leather [033CR]
 Wood Trim - Grand Black Wood (12) [088EH]
 Navigation Mapping Disc DVD - Euro Mapping DVD Disc [025GT]
 Weight Vehicle Type Approval - Whole Vehicle Type Approval [097AJ]
 Spare Wheel Type - Full Size Spare Wheel [050AQ]
 VIN prefix position 7 - VIN prefix position 7 - M [142AH]
 Transmission - Automatic 6 Speed w. Steptronic [078BO]
 Vehicle Information Control System - Traffic Message Channel (TMC) [087AG]
 Land Rover Model Year Indicators - Land Rover 2006 Model Year [001BG]
 VIN prefix position 6 - VIN prefix position 6 - A [141AA]
 Drive Hands - LHD [252SF]
 Transfer Box - High/Low Ratio Transfer Box [043AE]
 Screen Heating - Heated Windscreen [040AK]
 VIN prefix position 10 - Vin prefix postion 10 - 6 [145AL]
 Fuel Rating - 95 RON fuel [272AA]
 VIN prefix position 5 - VIN prefix position 5 - M [140AP]
 L30 Facia Main Harness Complexity (0) - ROW Facia Main Harness Base [151AI]
 Paint Bands - Black Paint Range Rover [024BF]
 Voice Input System - Voice Input / Recognition System [025EZ]
 Fuel Filler Neck - Narrow Filler Neck - Unleaded [053AP]
 Puddle Lamps - Puddle Lamps - Front and Rear [064BN]
 Vehicle Communication - Personal Telephone Integration (PTI) [025EJ]
 CD Player - CD autochanger [025DJ]
 Steering Wheel - Lthr Heated MF Steering Wheel [032BL]
 Dealer List - Europe [273AA]
 Weight Plates - 3100kg [097AN]
 Anti Lock Brake Types - A.B.S. with TC & HDC [020AH]
 Wheel & Tyre Configurations - "20"" Style 6 Continental" [029LF]
 Front Seat Type - Comfort seat [033CV]
 Number Plate Illumination - Number plate illumination on t/gate/boot [056AV]
 Mirror Parking - Electric fold flat capability dr mirrors [030AV]
 Mirror Operation - Memory Mirrors [030AG]
 Rear Seat Configuration - 60:40 Fold rr Seat w. Ski Hatch [033ET]
 DVD Region - RSE DVD Region 2 PAL (Europe) [164AB]
 Mirror Warning Labels - No Mirror Glass Script [096SI]
 Glazing - Green Tinted Glass All Round [047AN]
 Passenger's Sunvisor - Sunvisor Foldable Illuminated Passenger [115AL]
 Electric Door Mirrors - Electro Chromatic Exterior Mirror [031BP]
 Mudflaps - No mudflaps [023AP]
 Gearbox Tune - Gearbox ECU Tune ROW [071AD]

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