Porsche 911 996 Carrrera 4S Cabrio | 94.000KM | Indischrot | Swiss Car | 2nd Owner

Porsche - 911 996 Cabrio 4S€69.950,- Incl. BTW


One for the purists 

Our 2004 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabrio can’t go by unseen. All Porsche purists will notice that it’s spot on and belongs to stay with a true Porschist or collector. You will find this car only at Premium Classics. 

The 996 generation gained lots of popularity over the past few years and this is exactly what it deserves. This generation of 911’s featured the first watercooled flat sixes, still used today, but still had that pure Porsche driving sensation. It was faster, lighter, more powerful and steered sharper than its predecessor. The legendary GT1 Evo already previewed the 996 and the rest is history. 

But this isn’t just any 996, it’s a Swiss beauty with only 2 previous owners and 94.000 km’s covered. With a complete Porsche dealer maintenance history it’s in pristine condition. It’s painted in the iconic Indischrot, also known as Guards Red and has a black leather interior. Besides the manual 6-speed, there are many other options that make this one perfect. Some examples are the heated sport seats all, sport steering wheel, PCM, cruise control, Bose surround sound system and the Exclusive details. Discover the entire option list on our website. 

We know you’re patiently looking for what we’re about to say but we saved the best for last. Being a 4S, this 911 has really wide hips with 3.6 litre boxer engine in between. All 320 horses and 370 Nm of torque are sent to the 4 wheels. A sprint to 100 km/h only takes 5.3 seconds in any condition and top speed is limited at 280 km/h. 

There are many great stories and specifications to be shared about this Porsche and even more memories to be made. Are you into unforgettable moments with the top down? Get in touch to make your dream come true!




911 996 Cabrio 4S
Leder Schwarz
Inclusief APK | Garantie | Afleverbeurt


C10 Zwitserse oorsprong
L84A Lak Plain Indian Red
XCA Dashboardlijsten (3 delen) AluDesign
XCB Onderste deel van dashboard instrumentenvizier AluDesign
XCD AluDesign centrale omlijsting van de mondstukken
XPA Leder 3-spaaks sportstuur
XSC Porsche embleem op hoofdsteun
XSX Veiligheidsgordels Guards Rood
X97 Aluminium/lederen pookknop

X98 Aluminium/lederen handremhendel

X99 Volledig lederen interieur (natuurleder)
Y06 Hendel versnellingspook en aluminium handrem
288 Koplampsproeiers
342 Stoelverwarming

375 Bekleding sportstoel links

376 Bekleding sportstoel rechts 

440 Diversity-antennes 

446 Wielcentrum met kleurenlogo 

454 Cruisecontrol 

666 Telefoonmodule voor PCM 

680 Bose Surround Sound System 

692 CDC-4-lader (voor 6 cd's) 

E82 Eenvoudig AluDesign-pakket

P16 Porsche Communication Management (PCM)
P74 Bi-xenon / Litronic koplampen
P77 Sportstoelen
09971 Specifieke en unieke opties van de Porsche Exclusiv afdeling

09991 Opties van de Porsche Exclusiv afdeling


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